We facilitate the change of mindset for the new era.

We are facing the greatest moment of transformation in history.

Everything around us is changing, but it is not possible to change while sticking to the same mindsets…

We need to transform the way we think, feel and act!

Our formula.

We make real and meaningful change, possible.

We capture relevant insights to drive personal change, in large collectives.

We help you reinvent the present to create the future.

With the necessary training to unlearn and get rid of what no longer works.

We apply the power of data to make the intangible tangible.

Reinventing People Intelligence.

91% of the people who start our program successfully complete it.

More than 60 companies trust us:

Multinationals | IBEX 35 | Family Businesses | Public Administrations and Public Companies | SMEs

Our differentiation.

Scalable, systemic and flexible transformation, from wherever and whenever you prefer.

> Neuromanagement

We are based on cutting-edge theories from the best universities and research centers in change management and neuroscience

> Storylearning

We apply concepts in a simple and practical way to the reality of work with interactive videos in a cinematographic style that inspire and make you think.

The participant goes from being a spectator to the protagonist of his or her transformation process.

> People Intelligence

We generate valuable data through the analysis of people’s perceptions, automatisms and mental schemes for strategic decision making and the human layer of the organization.

A transformational experience that also defines predictive mindset patterns.


Experience the transformation as a Netflix series.

We bring value to both ends of the chain.

To the employee and to the company.

We give traction to transformation.

We train the Mindset in collectives of any size, simultaneously.